Flash Programmer for CBM Basic 4.0 (CBM 4000/8000) ....

Flash Programmer for CBM Basic 4.0 (CBM 4000/8000)


I've coded this software for the mighty Universal 6502 RAM and ROM expansion. This usefull expansion was developed by Nicolas Welte. It uses a 128Kb Amtel-Flash and 32Kb S-RAM for different 6502 based computers and peripherals. The Flash is banked into 4 ROM-Sets including the later PET Option-ROMs. The configurable S-RAM replaces (in use) the existing memory.
So it's a very powerful tool for trouble-shooting or testing own software.

Download:Flash Programmer for CBM Basic 4 - Release 20060725



(F)ormat BIN/PRG
Choose binary file or prg. In the second case the load-address will be skipped.

(A)ddress $hhll
The start-address of the firmware or option-ROM.

Not in use yet.

(W) Flash
Writes the buffer to the banked Flash.

Choose between firmware and option-ROM. Don't forget to set the address.

(M)ove ROM to RAM
Copies your choosen area to the buffer.

(L)oad (S)ave
Loads and saves the buffer {choosen drive}. There is no error-handling. If the routine kills the program, a restart will bring it up again.

Choose drive 8 or 9

Directory {choosen drive}

Back to Basic.

Restarts the running program


The software uses auto-detection of RAM-size and used ROMs. This is for your information and later development. One day we'll have a program for all CBM-machines.
The software is still under construction. The final version will be distributed with documented source under GPL-License.

To do

* Floppy-detect
* Support for some more Amtel-Flashs.
* All in one-version for all CBMs with autodetection of RAM and known ROMs


Older Versions
Flash Programmer Beta 20060213


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