C64 Spiele und Anpassungen
Here you'll find a stock of classical games and some tools for recovery. This software contains no trainer , intros or fastloader. Some programs are fixed for using with CMD hardware and IDE64.

Download Deadzone, Aftermath

Download Incredible Musical Keyboard
  Rip from tape.
Download Football Manager II
  100% Disk-Version: Boot and Copy-Protection kicked.
Download Glider Rider 100%

Download Gunstar 100%
  Inclusive Cover
Download New York City 100%
  Inclusive Cover
Download Bomb Fusion by Mastertronic 100% Tapeversion

Download Back to Reality (Mastertronic IC0137) 100% Tapeversion

Download Masterchess (Mastertronic IC0147)

Download Wing Commander (Mastertronic IC0108)

Download Thunderbolt (Arkanoid Clone (1987))

Download Nonterraqueous (Mastertronic IC 0078)

Download Desert Hawk 100% + DOC

Download Quasar (1984 Voyager Software) + Cover

Download Chiller (Mastertronic IC0036 ,01.07.1984) + Cover

Download Kung-Fu Master (1985 Data East) + Cover

Download Annihilator (1983 Mogul Communications) + Cover

Download Hektik (Mastertronic IC0023) + Cover

Download Finders Keepers (Mastertronic IC0059) + Cover

Download Hunchback (1983 Ocean) + Cover

Download Hungry Horace (1983 Melbourne) + Cover

Download ACE 2088
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover, DOC and DOK.
Download The Hellion
  Rare Space-Invaders Clone.
Download Golf ,YES! Software
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover, DOC.
Download Ratsplat
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover, DOC.
Download Spectipede (Mastertronic IC0021) 100% Tapeversion

Download Speedking (Mastertronic IC0114) 100% Tapeversion

Download Starforce Nova (Mastertronic 1C 0194) 100% Tapeversion

Download Scarebear
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover, DOK.
Download Spyschool
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover.
Download Turbo Bike (Girl)
  Includes TAP, PRG, Cover, DOC, DOK


Download Eye of Horus (Alldrive + Originaldisk)
  Special CMD-Version. Detects Super-CPU and runs on all drives.
Download Magic Serpent (CMD-Version)
  Requires CMD-Drive 8.
Download Astatin Multidrive
  Works with all CMD-Drives (8-12).
Download Astatin Alldrive
  SCPU Detect is included. SCPU must be switched off !


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